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Egg-yolk puff

 Egg-yolk puff is a traditional dessert originated in Taiwan. It’s a ramification of Taiwan mooncake. In recent years, this kind of dessert has became increasingly popular in China mainland that you can buy an egg-yolk puff not only in bakeries of various brands, but also on the internet and in supermarkets. Now let’s find out how the egg-yolk catches our taste bud.


When we take the first bite of the egg-yolk puff, we will taste its surface with golden, delicious solidified liquid egg on it. When you have a second bite, your tongue will touch the fragrant, sweet, and soft bean paste. Maybe meanwhile you have already bitten the salty yolk. If you have ever eaten the salty yolk before, you will know how amazing it tastes. When you take another bite of the salty yolk, there will be golden and shiny egg oil streaming out of the puff and moisten your fingers with a strong nice smell around you.




   The five nuts mooncake

The most popular mooncake in China is the five nuts mooncake. Yet, its popularity comes not from its delicacy. To people's surprise, some people like it because it tastes really “unique”.


Five nuts mooncakes are of the most traditional classic flavor. Compared with other mooncakes, five nuts mooncakes are much more expensive for they are filled with a variety of nuts and seeds such as almonds, walnuts, olive, sesame, and pumpkin seeds. 


However, for some people, the five nuts mooncake tastes really weird. And it’s much more expensive than other mooncakes. As a result, they don’t like it at all. 




   Lotus seed paste mooncake

Lotus seed paste mooncakes are a famous Mid-Autumn Festival dessert of Cantonese origin, which have enjoyed a good reputation all over China and even overseas.

著名中秋甜点莲蓉月饼起源于广东,如今已驰名海内外。莲蓉馅在中秋月饼馅中堪称奢侈之最。Lotus seed paste is considered the most luxurious mooncake filling made from dried lotus seeds. The process of making the paste is similar to that used to make smooth red bean paste. First, the dried seeds are stewed in water until soft and then mashed into a fine paste. The paste is then watered down to a thin slurry and passed through a sieve and into cheesecloth, with which it is squeezed dry. This produces a fine crumbly paste, which is then mixed with sugar or other sweeteners and often oil to produce a smooth, sweet paste.



Fresh pork mooncake

Fresh pork mooncake, which is a kind of Suzhou-style moon cake, is smaller in size and well-known for its layers of flaky dough and features both sweet and savory types. The sweet version is filled with sugar, fresh almonds, and sweet bean paste, while ham, pork or shrimp with lard, pepper, ginger, garlic etc will be added into salty fillings. Nuts and sesame are also frequently used in Suzhou-style moon cakes.


The Suzhou-style moon cakes are usually served hot.





  Chewy mooncake 

Chewy mooncake crust has a reddish-brown tone and glossy sheen. It is the most common type of crust used on Cantonese-style mooncakes. Chewy mooncake crusts are made of a combination of thick sugar syrup, lye water, flour, and oil, thus giving this crust rich taste and a chewy yet tender texture. Chewiness can be increased further by adding maltose syrup to the mixture.


  Snow skin crust is made of glutinous rice, which is frozen thus gaining the name "snow skin". The requirements of production, storage and transportation for snow skin mooncakes are more stringent than for baked mooncakes. Factories have to keep sterile conditions, and many manufacturers are requested to follow HACCP systematic for food safety.